Challenging for all but best room for first time players and families with young children.  Don't skip this one! 

Gold Rush Cabin

Best for First Time Escapers

Old Bill found a lot of gold, but he was a crazy old coot.  He stopped coming to town years ago. No one knows for sure what happened to him or even if he is still alive.


If you dare, you can look for his gold... But you better not be there when the candles burn out...

2 to 8 players


Great for families.  Kids can play while parents solve. Scavenger hunt and riddles.  

Blue Virus

Puzzles for adults but safe for kids

Kevin and his mom know that Uncle Ted is doing something dangerous in his lab.  Ted is becoming more erratic and is putting locks on everything, including the front door. 


Ted has to be stopped before the Blue Virus mutates out of control and spreads to the entire world.

Can you save the human race?

4 to 8 players


The classic escape.  Clues are right in front of you but can you see them?  

Fallout Shelter


It is 1962, the height of the Cold War... 

Your neighbor, Tom Walters, lives alone with his dog, Babe.

Walters tells you cryptic stories of his service in WWII.

Suddenly, Walters left town with no explanation.


The sirens have sounded.  You gather your friends and family in Tom's shelter but Tom wasn't finished...

You must get out but is it safe outside? Can you survive?

3 to 6 players





This room requires physical manipulation of puzzles but not strength.  Lots of laughter.

Industrial Chaos

Challenging / Hands on

The plant has been sabotaged by a disgruntled former employee.  The Di-hydrogen Oxide boiler's pressure is increasing rapidly.  At this rate, it will explode in 1 hour,

killing everyone within a 2 mile radius. 

 You are part of the Chaos Action Team. 

You'll need to use your common sense

to save the plant and yourselves!

4 to 8 players


Focus on Teambuilding.  You live or die together...

The Franchise

Moderately Challenging - We want you to live...

You are a group of American

business people in the Middle East 

to sign a contract to start a chain of

Booza ice cream shops in the United States.

It is the Middle East.  Something is bound to go wrong!

Focus on Team Building!

4 to 6 players


You wanted scary and challenging.   For experienced  adults.

Twist of Fate

Most Difficult

Miss Sonja was attacked and held hostage in her home. The ambulance is taking her to the hospital.  

You are the CSI team, here to begin the investigation. 


What will you find? What will be Miss Sonja's fate? 

What will be your fate?

(This is our most difficult room and we encourage groups with experienced players and suggest no children under age 14.)

3 to 6 players


Our newest adventure for small groups.  Moderately challenging and full of surprises!

Tesla's Coffin

Moderately Challenging - Don't be like Topsy!

When Nikola Tesla died in 1943, he was working on a defensive weapon with world wide military implications.  Most people think he was cremated but family legend say his body and his notebooks vanished in transit to Serbia.

You have located a witness who claims to have seen the coffin when she was a child playing in the cellars beneath a hotel that housed the Russian Embassy.  Can you find Tesla's papers before the KGB?


4 to 6 players



Great place, great time, great service.


J Call 3/14/19

Me and my coworkers had such a great time!! Very personable and friendly staff. Great puzzles that were challenging yet not impossible. Definitely family friendly. Highly encourage anyone who wants a fun team building exercise/experience to go. Can't wait to go back for the other rooms.


Justin M. 3/18/19

I'd never been to an escape room before, but have always wanted to.  Think in a Box was a great first experience.  I went with my family, seven of us trying to get out of a fallout shelter.  As a long-time puzzle enthusiast, I really appreciated how well-crafted the puzzles were. 


It was also great to work together with my family; the entire experience is designed to be enjoyed by working together as a group.  The owners made us feel very comfortable, and were very good when we did (I'm not too proud to admit) need some hints.  They gave us very gentle nudges, just enough to get us in the right direction.  It was a terrific experience, and if you're reading this review, you're clearly interested in the escape room concept, so you should certainly go to Think in the Box!


Joel H. 12/30/2018

We've done a lot of escape rooms in a lot of different towns, and this was by far one of the most professional and entertaining experiences we've had!


We chose the Gold Rush Cabin because it was a family room, and they even let us take our 3 and 6 year olds in with us! They were so nice and accommodating to our kids! Worth every penny!


Jared K. 01/09/2018

Had an absolute blast with the family, including the teenagers! We even broke the record for the room we were in, will be back to do other rooms!


Juliet Zabecki LeMond 03/16/2019

Think in a Box was a lot of fun! I had never done an escape room before and it was really a cool experience. The owners of Think in a Box do such a good job of providing such a wonderful experience. We did one room, but definitely would love to do more! I definitely recommend it! Please do at least one room, you won’t regret it!


Ashlyn Berner 03/15/2019

We did our first escape room today and had a BLAST! I would recommend Think in a Box to anyone. We definitely plan on doing again in the near future.


Dawn Stanley 03/09/2019

Me and my family went here, and I wish I could give It 10 stars. It got all 5 of us thinking, and wishing it would last longer than an hour. The owner was very helpful, never left character, and somehow helped us overcome our stupidity and complete the room with 2 out of 60 minutes remaining. I would not recommend this for a party over 5 or 6 people, as the rooms we were in was quite tiny. I will definitely be returning.


Gecko Gustafson 3/16/19

Celebrated two family members' birthdays here on a Sunday afternoon. Ages ranged from 17 to 66. Everyone had a great time & managed to escape with 1  1/2 minutes left on the clock. Highly recommend Think in a Box. PS: Realized that we have a family filled with Type A highly competitive people


Tina Cargile 3/18/19

Super awesome experience worth the 90 minute drive from Abilene! There were 3 generations of family in our  group and we all had a blast working through the clues together! Can’t wait to do it again!


Rose 3/18/19

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